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I am proud to recommend and use Dermalogica products as my primary line.  Throughout my career Dermalogica has provided the best products consistently at the best price.  As a product line they are the best value in the industry.  If you follow the skincare regimen we outline using Dermolgica, you WILL see results.


I am a fervent believer in essential oils for the home and in my treatment room.  If you have been to my office one time you have just barely noticed the presence of essential oils in the air.  Oils for calm, relaxing and health play a part in all my treatments.  Young Living is the only brand I use.  They have the purest oils, follow the strictest processing procedures, and produce the highest quality products.


Both Glo Therepeutics and A Natural Difference Skincare provide certain products that can meet unique skin challenges.  Occasionally I will use and recommend a product from these lines as they provide niche products that round out my full complement of skincare tools that will give you the best results possible.