What the CBD?

Seems like you can find CBD in everything today, and everyone is selling it.  In addition to health food stores and vitamin shops I have found CBD in discount stores, specialty stores that have nothing to do with your health (like electronics and household item stores), and dozens of retailers online.

And CBD is well known for addressing a whole host of issues, from anxiety and sleeplessness to pain and fatigue.  So I am not surprised at all to see that it is showing up in skincare products.

In my journey to improve what I do and offer the best in products and services, I have decided to bring in a quality CBD line.  However in the last month I have found so much incomplete information:

1. Almost no CBD distributor or reseller seems to be able to show a Certificate of Analysis that shows what is truly in their product.  Everyone can explain CO2 versus solvent processing, but how can I see what is really in the bottle? What about metals, pesticides, or other toxic and harmful chemicals and compounds?  What solvents have been left behind?

2. Few reps can answer even the most basic questions about how it works.  Full spectrum versus isolate, hemp versus marijuana, 0 versus 0.03 THC and why to choose one over the other.  One seller even said “Just buy it, everyone else does.”

3. No one can seem to talk about manufacturing quality, capacity, and ability to reliably deliver.  Everyone says “Oh yes we follow the highest quality standards,” but when I ask “like what standards” all I get back is “High. High standards.”  How do I know that the 1000mcg bottle has 1000mcg and not 300?

This really concerned me.  America is spending billions of dollars on CBD products, and none of the distributors or resellers I have talked to so far can actually say with any degree of certainty what is in the bottle America is spending all that money on.

I am determined more than ever now to bring you, my clients, a high quality product that I can stand behind as I do with Dermalogica and my other products. I just never knew it would be this hard to find.

I have a meeting soon with my good friends at Young Living, apparently they are coming out with a CBD line soon – I will let you know how it goes!