At-Home Skincare For The Win

Healthy skin is like any other good health plan in life.  Have a plan, stick to your routine at home and in seeing me, and you will see improvement.  It’s that simple.

I have one or two new clients every week that are under the false impression that I am a miracle worker, and that after one hour their skin is going to look as good as the best models in Vogue or Cosmo.  While it is certainly true that some treatments under certain conditions can give an immediate improvement after one treatment, the only way to clear healthy skin is a planned routine you can stick to, long term, and sticking to it.

Skin health is no different than any other health concern.  Think about weight loss.  Is there a grapefruit and tree bark fad diet out there that promises you will lose 5 pounds in 48 hours?  Yes there is.  And in 48 more hours that weight will be back, right after a trip to Whataburger to celebrate your new found skinny-ness.  There are cheats to getting more muscle in your legs, a nicer butt, and many other health improvements, none of which give long term results.

Reality check-in.  The only way to consistent weight loss, consistent muscle building – and consistent improvements to your skin health – is a sustained, continuous program of care.  At-home care, a daily routine will make the biggest difference.  Know what products to use, when, and for how long.  Coming to see me on a regular basis for corrective treatments, advice, and to incorporate changes to your routine as your skin health improves, will help you greatly.  Exercise and healthy eating makes a difference. And sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.

If you would like to discuss your at home treatment plan for healthier skin, schedule a 30 minute consult.  We can discuss what you are doing, improvements to make at home, and what needs to be accomplished in my office to get you well on your way to clear healthy skin!