Acne, Part 3

If you have been keeping up, you now know what the four main causes of acne are, and why it seems to be happening more and more in today’s society.  In my final post, I am going to discuss what we can accomplish with my Acne Detox Facial, a set of products, and a little bit of effort at home.

If you have looked through my website you know I am a firm believer in Dermalogica products.  There is one really good reason for this.  Dermalogica has developed a complete line of products that allows an esthetician to evaluate a client’s skin and recommend a set of products that are optimized for their specfic skin type.  Two people with acneic skin could need different products because the problems that are leading up to the same result are different.  One person may have oily skin, or oily zones on the skin, another may have dead skin cells that are not being sloughed off the face properly.  Dermalogica knows that different causes need different solutions, and as an esthetician using Dermalogica I have the flexibility to recommend exactly what you need; no more, no less.

When you come to see me with problem skin I am going to look at those four causes very carefully.  Your acne detox facial will be customized based on what I see are your problem areas.  I do not use a cookie cutter approach in any of my facials, and especially not with my acne detox facial.  Your first appointment is important and sets the tone for what is going to happen between us in the future.

At the end of the appointment I will recommend to you what I think are your best product choices based on what I have seen are your problem areas.  Should you choose to purchase these products, it is very important that you establish a routine at home using them exactly as we discussed.  Nothing is going to correct skin issues overnight.  It takes some dedication and sticking to the plan.

If you already have a routine and a line of products you believe in, then schedule some time to come in and discuss them.  While Dermalogica is the product line I prefer, it isn’t the only great line out there.  We can go through what you have and how you use it, and I may make suggestions on how you could change to improve your results.  We can look at specific ingredients to make sure you have everything you need.

In any case, steady and consistent use of products at home are just as important as coming in to see me for a facial.  Just like you wouldn’t lose weight by dieting one day a month, a facial alone isn’t going to solve all your skin issues.  The day in, day out cleansing and treatments are just as important.

In the course of clearing up your skin I will also recommend when next to come and see me.  Through the process of clearing up your skin it may be necessary to make adjustments in your facials, your at-home routine, or both, and the only way we will know for sure is if you check back in regularly.  Making dramatic improvements to your skin may take as little as eight weeks, or as long as six months, depending on what the issues are and how severe they are.

We have covered what are the four main causes of acne – excess oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and follicle type.  We discussed the primary drvier in lifestyle that causes acne, and why it seems more prevalent today than ever before (stress).  Now you know what we can do about it.  If you have more questions, want to talk about your routine at home, or review any product line you are using, schedule some time to come in and see me – I look forward to hearing from you!