Favorite Places in Texas

I LOVE the outdoors, and Texas has so many wonderful places to go for the day, or just a few hours.  I spend many weekends enjoying all that Texas has to offer, and thought I would share two my recent favorites with you.  As always, make sure you have your sunscreen – at the end of this blog I have a quick note about sunscreen products from Dermalogica.

The Day Trip

Pedernales Falls is a fantastic day trip!  There is nothing quite like Pedernales, with its smooth rocks, crystal clear water, and miles of hiking trails throughout the park.  In the rainy season it can become a torrential flood, but most of the time it is a peaceful day getaway, just up 281 North.

This is one of my family’s favorite places to go!  In addition to the falls there are trails all along the river, where you can find ponds and plenty of nature see.  Learn more about Pedernales at https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/pedernales-falls.

A Few Hours

Jump in your car and head to the Japanese Tea Garden, right here in the center of San Antonio, near Brackenridge Park.  Depending on the time of the week – and the time of the year – you can find some of the most beautiful gardens imaginable, with not too many people around.

There are plenty of Coi fish, a tremendous variety of plants, and lots of Japanese garden walkways and touches one wouldn’t ordinarily expect to find here in San Antonio.  There is also a great history of why the garden entrance is labeled The Chinese Tea Garden – go check it out!  You can learn more at The Japanese Tea Garden Website.

Your Sun Protection

The two most important things you can do when outdoors are proper hydration and sun protection.  Both are must do!  Make sure you have plenty of sun protection applied before you leave, and something to apply throughout the day.  As is always the case, different skin types require different levels of protection, and there are several great Dermalogica products that you can use before and after a day in the sun.  Next time you are in to see me, let’s chat about what is best for you!