Men Need Great Skin Too!

While the majority of my clients today are women, I have seen a slow increase in the number of men looking for facials, skin care advice, and the best products they can find in order to improve their skin, combat the effects of the sun and the environment, and reduce the signs of aging.

A man’s skin is truly different than a woman’s skin.  Men have more collagen in their skin, a thicker outer layer of skin with a rougher texture, and men’s skin is usually better hydrated.  Even though their skin is different, men can suffer some of the same skin issues as women.  The effects of too oily skin, over dryness, and acne can cause the same issues.  Stress, air pollutants, and overexposure to sun can damage a man’s skin just as it does for a woman.

The most obvious difference between men and women, though – facial hair – is what causes most men to have skin challenges, and this is where men and women have different issues.

Almost all of a man’s facial skin issues come from one thing – shaving.  Shaving can be disastrous for skin – itching, redness, swelling, nicks and cuts, razor burn, and Pseudofoliculitis Barbae (fancy words for those irritating skin bumps) are all potential end results for shaving.  All of these can be caused by many factors, too – a dull razor, going too fast, pressing too hard, not using shave oils and creams that match your skin type, and shaving against the grain.

Two things can solve almost all of your shaving problems: A very sharp razor, and the right shave products. Desiree’s Skin Tip – more blades don’t make a better razor, they make a more expensive razor. There is a reason professional barbers use a single edge straight razor. They can keep it super sharp, and it doesn’t clog up with hair, dead skin, and creams like a 5-blade razor will. Whatever blade you use, make sure you have the sharpest blades you can find.  Change them out often.

Dermalogica has an outstanding men’s shave line.  I highly recommend it.  It focuses on proper cleansing, a superior shave cream, and a post-shave balm that if used properly will give you the closest shave ever and improve your skin health too.  Dermalogica invests a considerable amount of time and resources into researching the best products for all skin types, for both women and men.  The men’s shave products are of the same exceedingly high quality as everything else in their line.

Make an appointment with me to talk over your shave concerns or issues, and look at your problem skin areas.  In addition to shave products, Dermalogica has solutions for all problem skin types, there are many things we can do to improve your skin.  We can go over it in a 30 minute consultation, or in my one hour Custom Signature Facial.

Because men deserve great skin too!