Acne – Ugh!

It’s a common misconception that acne only affects us in our teenage years. Adult acne is an ever present skin problem today, and is often more persistent and frustrating to treat as an adult.  It is the most common skin issue I see in my business today.

The primary reason overall for adult acne is a simple one – chronic stress.  Balancing personal and professional responsibilities is an increasingly complex challenge in our lives today, the most time-compressed generation in history.  This constant level of stress puts our adrenal glands into overdrive, which in turn boosts sebum production, setting the stage for acne development.

There are other contributors to adult acne, as well; emotional stress, the need to ‘pick’ or ‘squeeze’ breakouts which places other bacteria on the skin, pollutants in the air, or poorly filtered air in the office where we work.

Bottom line, there are four main contributors to adult acne: overactive Sebaceous glands (too much oil), dead skin cell accumulation, bacteria, and inflammation.  Knowing this, any good treatment regimen is going to address these four areas.

I have been using Dermalogica’s MediBac Clearing System for several years now, and have found it to be the single most effective and best value solution in the skin care industry.  Each product targets specific contributors and when used as directed, clears up even the most problematic adult acne.  You can find more information on Dermalogica’s website here.

If adult acne is an occasional or persistent problem for you, schedule a 30 minute in depth consultation with me where we can go over everything you are presently doing, and what products we can change or add to get you on the path to clear skin.  If you schedule an Acne Detox Facial, I can show you which products are going to work, and explain why.

Regardless, there is a path to clear skin as long as you take a steady methodical approach – call me today, let’s get to clear skin!