You Did What?

IMG_5415I hear them all the time – people read something on the internet, or hear from a friend the latest and greatest skin care tip of all time that is going to solve all your problems you just have to do this ONE thing… and you do it, and nothing happens. Every facet of the healthcare industry has them; the quick fix wonder drug that will make your problems go away. The reality is, nothing works better for your skin and your health than slow, steady, and consistent care.

Here are a couple of myths that I hear often, sometimes even weekly:

  • Stronger doesn’t always mean better. Just because a product burns, or causes a physical sensation doesn’t mean it is better for you. More often, a progressive treatment that starts with a mild treatment and works up to something more aggressive give you far better results. If a product is burning the first time you are using it, that means your skin is not conditioned for the treatment, and many benefits of the treatment are going to be lost.
  • Not every facial tool is good for you. Just because your friend is using a Clarisonic, or is using an at-home blackhead remover does not mean it is going to be good for you. In fact, most at-home tools can cause more damage than good. The best way to know what tools work is to discuss your skin needs with a licensed Esthetician. Any skin care professional can tell you what is best for you with just a consultation.
  • Anything marked “natural” or “chemical free” is better for your skin. There are many natural products that do nothing, or can even harm your skin. As an example, putting coconut oil on your skin by itself brings very little benefit overall, yet I hear this often. There are several companies that invest in high quality ingredients, do their research, and bring exceptional skin care to you with continued use. I have sold Dermalogica products for more than ten years for just this reason. I believe in Dermalogica because after trying several different lines, they consistently bring results for me and my clients.

Send me a note if you would like to discuss your skin care regimen, or schedule an appointment – I look forward to discussing any or all aspects of what it will take to give you the best skin possible.